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Three Office Yoga Techniques for Back Pain

yoga techniques for back painBy Faye Martins

Office yoga techniques for back pain help cope with the workday. The demand for Yoga teachers in the corporate sector can easily be compared to the number of office workers with back pain.  Office Yoga techniques for back pain can help to ease chronic tension and stress in the shoulders, neck, arms, upper back, and lower back. The tension created by sitting for long periods at a desk and doing repetitive movements like typing can be mitigated by regular practice of office chair Yoga. Back pain is often exacerbated by the neck, shoulder, and arm tension. Even a brief seated Yoga break will help dissipate the tension built up in these areas over several hours of work. The following are three Office Chair Yoga techniques to help ease back pain.  Companies who seek an office Yoga specialist would do well to hire a certified chair Yoga teacher specialist.


Elongated Back Stretch

Push your chair arm’s length away from your desk. Before you begin, take three long, slow, deep breaths through your nose. Exhale each breath fully before inhaling your next breath. After three full breaths, take three more complete breaths as you raise your arms to the side and over your head for a count of five. Five counts up with an inhale, and five counts down with your exhale. Now, lean forward and place your hands, palms down and shoulder-width apart, on the top of your desk. Slowly exhale and sink into the stretch. Stretch only as far as is comfortable and hold this chair Yoga posture for three complete breaths. Repeat two more times. Sit up slowly and pause for a moment, feeling the elongation of your spine and the relief of tension in your back and arms.


Seated Spinal Twist

There should always be twists among the many Yoga techniques for back pain. This Yoga pose is a great way to release tension through your back, arms, and neck. Sit squarely on your chair with your feet planted on the floor. Take one deep inhale. As you exhale, slowly twist to the right by placing your left hand on the outside of your right knee and coil your right hand around onto the middle of the back of your chair. Continue to breathe. With each exhale, twist a little deeper to the right, and inhale, allowing your body to release a little toward the front of your chair gently. Continue to twist and release for thirty seconds. Release the pose and repeat on the other side.


Seated Hip Stretch – (Seated Pigeon)

Releasing tension in your hips will help to release the tension and pain in your lower back. Sit squarely on your chair with your feet flat on the floor. Take three long, deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling for five counts each. Slowly, place your right foot on your left knee and bend forward until you feel a nice stretch. Do not force or overstretch; only go as far forward as your body allows. Hold for thirty seconds and repeat on the opposite side. Always remember that Yoga techniques for back pain can be incorporated into the workday. Just like pain medication, a daily routine of Yoga techniques for back pain has rewards, and no side effects are part of the package.


Daily Habits for Office Back Care

Making back care a daily habit is one of the best things you can do for your spinal health. Try incorporating some of these simple office yoga techniques into your daily routine to help reduce back pain and keep your spine healthy: Firstly, sit up tall with good posture. This means aligned at the hips and shoulders, with your chin slightly tucked. Be sure to maintain this throughout the day, even when you’re not doing yoga. Secondly, take frequent breaks to move around and stretch. Every 20 minutes or so, stand up and move your body for a few minutes. Walk around the office, do gentle stretches, or just wiggle your body to loosen up tight muscles.


More Office Yoga Ideas

Office workers are susceptible to back pain due to the sedentary nature of their work. Fortunately, a few simple yoga techniques can be done in the office to help alleviate back pain. One of the most important things you can do for your back is to maintain good posture. Make sure you’re sitting up straight in your chair and not slouching. Also, be mindful of how you’re lifting things – avoid twisting your spine and use your leg muscles as much as possible. A few specific yoga poses can also help relieve back pain. Try doing some gentle twists or forward bends several times throughout the day. Cat-Cow Poses are also a great way to stretch your spine and loosen up your back muscles. Of course, it’s important to consult with your doctor before starting any new exercise routine.



Seated Chair Pose for Back Pain Prevention

Practice seated Chair Pose. This strengthening pose can be done right at your desk – no need to remove yourself from your work environment. Simply sit on the edge of your chair with your feet flat on the floor and slowly lean back, keeping your chest lifted and your abdominal muscles engaged. Hold for a few deep breaths before returning to an upright position.


Seated Camel

Do a modified Camel Pose. Again, you can stay seated for this one. Start by sitting tall in your chair with your feet on the ground. Place your hands on the back side of your seat or on either side of you, and begin to arch your back, gently pressing down into your hands as you lift your chest towards the ceiling. Gradually, go into a back bend without forcing. Hold for a few deep breaths before returning to starting position.


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  1. Thank you for explaining office yoga Techniques for back pain. The pain in my back has become all I can think about. It starts every morning and wakes me in my sleep time. I tried these asanas, and since then, my back pain is relieving me to thank you for sharing! The useful advice and videos are priceless and helpful to all of us.

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