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Family Yoga Classes Online or in Studios

Family Yoga classes onlineBy Kimaya Singh

Family Yoga classes online or in studios are needed now more than ever. Regardless of time, stress, economics, or pandemics, families have choices that must fit today’s budget. Yoga schools and teachers have multiple opportunities to get families involved in their classes. Studios and teachers have gone online, while others run classes in person. Yoga is a popular activity that allows one to strengthen his or her mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well being. Parents practice Yoga for meditation and relaxation purposes and find it beneficial to relieve daily stress. There are many ways Yoga instructors can meet the increasing needs and desires families have in their pursuit to exercise together.



Yoga teachers and facilities that offer a variety of classes and class times, help accommodate a family’s busy schedule. Private in-home Yoga training sessions, which are offered by some instructors, can benefit stay-at-home parents. This also helps people who have medical conditions inhibiting their ability to travel to a Yoga school. Often the only convenient time for one to exercise is during their lunch hour. Yoga teachers can take advantage of this by working with businesses and offering group classes for employees.



Offer classes that meet a parents’ specific need or stage in their life. Yoga classes for pregnant students will benefit needs for relaxation, as well as aid in joint discomfort, and muscle pain that commonly occur during pregnancy. Classes that allow a new mother to practice Yoga with her infant can help deepen the connection between a mother and her child. Parent-child classes are increasing as parents’ desire their children to experience the benefits of Yoga training. Studies have shown that Yoga can benefit all children, and is especially beneficial to children with special needs. Accommodations should be made for these children and their parents. Classes for couples, allow parents to connect and relax together after a stressful day.



Offering Family Yoga classes online is new frontier for teachers and families. When considering teaching families via Internet through Zoom or a similar system, teachers want to provide live and pre-recorded options. This allows you to reach families at times when it is convenient for them. They can practice anywhere and you can broadcast live at times that reach your maximum live audience. The online studio model is growing and will continue to grow well into the future. It is possible today for a Yoga instructor to teach classes in Australia and reach students anywhere in the world. Regardless of classes being online or in the school, parents have many responsibilities, including financial ones. To make Yoga classes available to all families, a focus should be made on offering classes with flexibility in family prices. Shorter classes, or package discounts, can help families and encourage them to practice Yoga with you regularly. Within studios, family discounts motivate parents to bring their children and enjoy family Yoga classes together.



Large Yoga schools, with more than one studio, and that understand the demands of parenthood, can offer kids classes during adult class times. Understandably, this can prevent parents from missing classes due to the inability to find child care, and allows parents to relax and focus on Yoga, while knowing that their children are nearby and safe. Yoga can connect families and allow parents to relax and exercise together. Yoga schools and online studios can make training available to everyone, and specifically to parents and their children. With the help of family Yoga classes online, parents can practice in the living room or in a park. At the same time, these classes make it possible for a teacher to reach a worldwide audience from a very small studio. All you need is a space and good equipment.


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  1. Thank you for helping us students. I have been practicing yoga for 14 years. For the first time ever, I believe that the idea of setting up a studio to teach families is my calling. Today, this idea has made me consider a strong purpose in life. You made my day! Helping families during this pandemic with yoga is a great idea!

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