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What is Shaktipat Energy Transmission?

shaktipatBy Sangeetha Saran

Shaktipat is a Sanskrit word that literally means “descent of divine grace.” It is also known as “energy transmission,” “initiation,” or “empowerment.” Shaktipat is the process by which a spiritual teacher or guru transfers energy to a student, initiates them into a particular spiritual practice, or empowers them to direct experience of the divine.


Origin of Shaktipat

This practice of energy transmission dates back to ancient India, where it was taught in the Vedic tradition. This practice was later transmitted to the West by Swami Muktananda, a 20th-century Indian saint, and guru. Muktananda popularized shaktipat with his book Play of Consciousness, in which he describes his experience of receiving shaktipat from his guru, Bhagavan Nityananda.


Mystical Experience

The experience of shaktipat can vary depending on the individual and the type of transmission they receive. Some people report feeling a physical sensation of energy flowing through their body, while others report having mystical experiences or visions. There is no “right” way to experience shaktipat; each person’s experience is unique.

Vedic Wisdom

Shaktipat is the descent of Divine Grace from master to disciple. The initiatory ritual of Shaktipat is rooted in ancient Vedic wisdom from India’s tantric Yoga traditions. According to these traditions, a serpent coiled three and a half times at the base of the spine. When a sincere seeker comes into contact with a realized master, the seeker’s Kundalini Shakti energy is ignited and awakened.


Kundalini Shakti

Over time, the awakened energy then travels up from the first chakra at the base of the spine to the seventh chakra in the crown of the head. When the seventh chakra is pierced and activated by the Kundalini Shakti, great bliss arises along with a profound knowledge of the interconnectedness of all life. When a seeker receives Shaktipat, his or her mystical journey begins in earnest.

Inner Energy

A master can give the descent of Divine Grace through touch, glance, and Sankalpa or intention. The awakened Kundalini has many manifestations. Some seekers feel strong emotions such as grief, fear, anger, or ecstasy. Often these emotions come in waves and are intermingled as the inner energy is awakened.


Physical Manifestations

Long lost memories and unresolved traumas may enter the consciousness of a Yoga student and demand immediate attention. There are also physical manifestations of Shaktipat. Some of these manifestations include spontaneous Yoga postures, kriyas, crying, feelings of great heat, seeing inner lights, sounds like a conch on a beach, or the sound of tinkling bells.


The descent of Divine Grace or Shaktipat touches and penetrates the very depths of a Yoga student’s being. The awakened Kundalini Shakti will transform all aspects of your being as it travels through the chakra system.


Tantric Yoga

According to tantric Yoga, a human being has four levels of the body – The physical body, the subtle energy body, the causal or mental body, and the body of pure awareness. The awakened Kundalini Shakti will penetrate each of the four bodies and the chakras and align them with divinity.

Descent of Divine Grace

Shaktipat is a very sacred time in a seeker’s life. It is truly the beginning of the fruition of all spiritual practices. With the descent of Divine Grace from a realized master, a student holds the key to entering the depths of his or her heart.

The Merging

Over time and through consistent spiritual practices, a student will merge into his or her divinity core. With this merging, all sense of separation will vanish, and the seeker will become intimately aware of the presence of God at all times. Shaktipat is an energy transfer between a teacher and student during which the teacher imparts a small amount of spiritual energy to the student.


The Effect

The effect of shaktipat can be difficult to describe in words as it is such an intimate and personal experience. For some, this awakening is a slow process that happens over time with regular practice, while for others, it can be an instantaneous event that completely changes their life.

Unique Experience

There is no right way to receive or give shaktipat, as each teacher and student will have their unique way of connecting. It is also possible to receive energy transmission through meditation or other forms of prayer. Simply focusing on breathing and letting go of all thoughts and distractions can open us up to receive this energy. There is no single way to do this, so long as the intention is pure and coming from a place of love. . It can help us to connect with our true nature.

Path of Self-Transformation

It is energy transmit­ted from the guru to the disciple during meditation, which awakens the Kundalini energy and initi­ates the process of self-transformation. Shaktipat has the power to change our consciousness and open us up to higher levels of awareness. It can help us to let go of old patterns and behaviors that no longer serve us and connect us with our true nature. The result is a more joyful, fulfilled, and meaningful life.


About Kundalini

During energy transmission, the guru transmits a powerful burst of energy into the disciple’s chakras (energy centers). This process awakens the kundalini energy, which lies dormant at the base of the spine. The kundalini then rises up the spine, opening and balancing the chakras as it goes. As our chakras become more open and balanced, we start to experience positive changes in our lives.

The Connection

We may feel more connected to our spirituality, have more access to our intuition, feel more creative, or find ourselves attracted to healthier lifestyle choices. Over time, as we continue to receive shaktipat and work with our own energy, we can achieve deeper states of meditation and connect with our higher selves. We may even reach a state of enlightenment where we are able to live in a constant state of joy

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  1. This happened to me. And to see and to know, to experience, to be in that place for days on end, to be in that place of interconnectedness with ALL things was so magnificent, so mind boggling I cannot even begin to tell you all. None of it an accident, absolutely none of it. All of ‘it’, every last blessed moment, every minute movement all known, all ordained and choreographed, slowed down, time and space, all converging, it was an amazing feeling, an astounding journey, a mind blowing awakening, monumental awareness, great privilige, profound beauty and I got to be there and see it all in my waking and walking and everyday interactions with people, over a few days, the cleansing that came with it was enormous, I cannot even begin to tell you. What a magnificent priviledge, and prepared me for some enormous humanitarian work, which continues. I have looked for explanations of this experience, this event and found yours as one. I do not have a yoga teacher, but life has been my teacher and led me to that glorious wonderful peace filled moment and the days that followed. It was a sacred and blessed time. Tku

  2. Shaktipat is a very sacred time in a seeker’s life. It is truly the beginning of the fruition of all spiritual practices. Thanks for sharing this nice article.

  3. Shaktipat is the descent of Divine Grace from master to disciple. With the descent of Divine Grace from a realized master, a student holds the key to enter into the depths of his or her own heart. Thanks for this valuable posting.

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