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Making a Hatha Yoga DVD

vinyasa yoga instructor certification programBy Bhavan Kumar

Every once in a while, I hear an instructor talk about making a yoga DVD. These days, technology makes photography easier, but you still have to consider how much you will spend and compare it to your potential sales. Otherwise, you may spend thousands of dollars and make something that does.

To make a successful video, you need an idea about something that people want to learn more about. Your mission is to meet the needs of these people and to produce a video product that helps them. At this time, a yoga workout DVD is going to sell more copies than a lecture about doshas. Nothing against learning about the doshas, but most people outside of yoga don’t know what they are, but everyone knows what yogic postures (asanas) are. Therefore, do your research because you are investing your time and money in this project.

Making Your Yoga Workout DVD a Success

Yoga DVDs are big business. The majority of DVDs are geared towards individuals who lack the time or means to attend live yoga classes. Other popular yoga videos focus on beginners and pregnant women. No matter who the target audience is, it is important to keep in mind that the DVD will be viewed multiple times. Therefore, the video needs to be able to keep the attention of the viewer over and over again.

Along with keeping the video entertaining, there are five key factors that contribute to the success of a yoga video. These key elements are financial capital, authenticity, uniqueness, engagement, and marketing.

Financial Capital

While some people are able to self-finance their own projects, most need to find alternate ways to fund their projects. These alternate measures often include obtaining a loan, seeking an investor, or approaching a production company.


Authenticity is very important. There needs to be truth and honesty in the project. Allow the passion for the practice to shine through in the video. Discerning viewers will be able to spot an imposter.

Stand Out

Successful videos stand out from the rest. Production companies agree that when looking for new projects, they seek “different”. The big question to ask is “What is it about this yoga video that sets it apart from everything else out on the market?” Below are two other important questions to ask.

1. Will the DVD target an area that is not yet being served?

2. What new benefits will the video provide?


The audience needs to feel engaged. While it may seem like an obvious factor in the success of a video, it is often forgotten. Gone are the days where watching a yoga instructor in a studio satisfied viewers. Today, successful yoga videos need to inspire and stimulate. Viewers should be drawn to watch the video, whether or not they are following along. The trend is for yoga DVDs to feel more like feature films.


Once the production is over, the new DVD must be marketed, or it won’t sell. The DVD needs to get as much publicity as possible. The most efficient and cost effective way to publicize the project is to get people talking about it. To start spreading the news, tell students, colleagues, and studios as well as take advantage of email, blogs, and social media to market the video.

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  1. Successful yoga videos need to inspire and stimulate. Viewers should be drawn to watch the video. Thanks for sharing this valuable tips for making yoga DVD.

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