Advantages of Distance Learning Yoga Courses

Advantages of Distance Learning Yoga Courses

yoga distance learningBy Gopi Rao

Distance learning Yoga courses have become more popular over the last decade, as educators and students become more adept at technology. Educators have learned to tweak and improve teaching methods, and are now able to offer quality-learning experiences without being physically present. Yoga distance learning refers to any yogic teaching and learning where time, distance, or both separate the students and teacher. It is emerging into mainstream methods of yoga education as technology improves, enabling anyone to easily access the resources required for distance learning. There are many benefits to being able to learn a new skill, or acquire additional knowledge, without having to leave the comforts of your home or local library.


Distance learning gives yoga students broader opportunities by offering courses that would normally exclude some, based on location. Small communities are often unable to offer adult learning opportunities. Distance learning opens the door to self-enrichment for many people, allowing students to pick from a huge array of subjects. With gas prices skyrocketing, you don’t have to worry about the cost of driving to and from class by enrolling in an on-line class. The convenience of learning from home also eliminates a timely commute, or the cost of childcare for students with families.

One of the biggest advantages of distance learning yoga courses is convenience. People with busy schedules are able to squeeze in learning time whenever it works for them. Distance learning allows you to log in, view videos, or read, at any time of the day or night to access information and assignments regardless of your time zone or geographic location.


Online yoga courses allow students to work at their own pace. You can read through material as many times as necessary, and complete the assignments when it is convenient for you. Many traditional yoga classes begin with a review of background information that is necessary for understanding the new information. However, if you enroll in an on-line course, and already have a wealth of background information on the subject, you do not have to spend time learning things you already know. Students can browse course information, and spend the time learning the new information.

When yoga students are motivated to succeed, distance learning is an affordable, convenient option. If you make a commitment to manage your time well, and spend a designated amount of time on course work, you will succeed at yoga with distance learning.

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