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Chair Yoga

Health Benefits of Chair Yoga Classes

Although Chair Yoga provides many of the same benefits as traditional Hatha Yoga, it also has the potential to create emotional bonds that improve the quality of life and health of its participants.

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Chair Yoga: A Gentle Discipline

Chair Yoga is for everyone; for all ages, for those with varying degrees of mobility, and those in varying degrees of condition. The health benefit of a consistent Chair Yoga practice is powerful and available for everyone.

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Chair Yoga – Can it Help You?

Practicing chair yoga can bring the same benefits as a full yoga practice. The idea is that the breathing and awareness practice is the same; we are simply adjusting the poses so that we are more comfortable in them. You can’t really pay attention to your body and connect with your muscles stretching if you are unsteady and afraid to fall over or if you have chronic pain and that is all you can think about

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