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Yoga Poses for the Sixth Chakra

yoga poses for the sixth chakraBy Faye Martins

What are the best yoga poses for the sixth chakra?  The Sixth Chakra is known in Sanskrit as the “Ajna Chakra.” This chakra is also known as the Third Eye Chakra. It is where spiritual insight and vision dwells. The Ajna Chakra is associated with the color indigo-blue and the element of light. It is located between the eyebrows and slightly above the line of the eyes. When this chakra is activated through spiritual initiation, practices or other life experiences, a Yogini or Yogi may develop the capacity for clairvoyance and a strong ability to manifest his or her dreams in the world through creative visualization techniques.


What else should you know about yoga poses for the sixth chakra?  A chakra can become blocked or unbalanced through difficult life experiences, negative internal thought patterns and the contraction of physical tension and holding. When a chakra is unbalanced, its rate of spiral vibration slows down, and the individual is unable to manifest the energy of that particular chakra in the world. There is a sense of being stagnated or blocked in the chakra area that has become closed down. It is also possible for a chakra to become over-stimulated and unbalanced. An over-stimulated chakra may predispose a Yogi or Yogini to hyperactivity in the area of the over-stimulated chakra’s range.


When the Sixth Chakra is blocked, we may experience eye problems, memory issues and an inability to see the whole picture. When the Sixth Chakra is over stimulated, we may experience headaches, difficulty focusing, racing thoughts and even hallucinations. In order to open and/or balance the Ajna Chakra, Yoga poses that stimulate or sooth this area are important. Supported Forward Bends, such as Yoga Mudra, help to gently stimulate the Ajna Chakra. Pranayama exercises including Nadi Shodhana gently stimulate the Third Eye Chakra. Practicing meditative techniques that focus on a withdrawal of the senses also help to calm down and balance the Sixth Chakra. The following is one of the best yoga poses for the sixth chakra. However, the classic version starts from Lotus Pose, with may not agree with the knees. Therefore, below this film, I have added modified directions from a kneeling position. Please know that you could modify Yoga Mudrasana and practice in a wheelchair. So, don’t be discouraged by the classic version.


Modified Yoga Mudra Pose from a Kneeling Position

To practice Yoga Mudra, begin by kneeling on your Yoga mat and sitting on your heels. If your knees are sensitive, place a folded blanket under them. Clasp your hands behind you. Take one full Yogic breath. With your next exhale, raise your arms up behind you until you feel a good stretch and bend forward, placing your forehead on a block or on your mat depending on your level of flexibility. Gently press into the Third Eye area. Hold this posture for three to five breaths. With your next inhale, come up. Switch the direction of the clasp of your hands and repeat. When you are finished with the posture, sit quietly for a few minutes and feel the opening in both the Fifth and Sixth Chakra areas.

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  1. Pranayama exercises and meditative techniques that focus on a withdrawal of the senses also help to calm down and balance the Sixth Chakra. Thanks for nice sharing.

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