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Is Prenatal Yoga Safe?

prenatal yogaBy Kimaya Singh

Research suggests that Prenatal Yoga is safe and effective for women who want to stay in shape while preparing for their babies’ arrivals. Everyone is different, though, and all mothers-to-be should talk with their doctors before undertaking any new exercise routines. Safety is relative, and what works for one person may not necessarily be good for another.

Once a woman has medical approval, she should look for classes taught by a certified Prenatal Yoga instructor. Pregnancy is a time of great change, and teachers need specific prenatal training in order to provide classes that give students the most benefits and the fewest risks.

Pregnant students also have a responsibility to follow their own intuitions when it comes to caring for their bodies. The more knowledge they have, the better the choices they make. Talking to potential prenatal Yoga teachers before taking classes gives most people an idea of what to expect. The guidelines for prenatal exercise published by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists can provide the answers to many questions about what pregnant women should or should not do.

According to the Mayo Clinic, Prenatal Yoga is not only safe; it alleviates many of the discomforts that pregnant women experience, as well. The results of Yoga training sessions for pregnant students include the following benefits.

• Greater flexibility of the muscles used during labor

• Better sleep

• Relief of pain and discomfort, such as backaches and swelling of the ankles

• Lower anxiety levels

• Less likelihood of hypertension, slow growth of the baby, or early delivery

Nevertheless, every woman should consider some of the following factors before trying Prenatal Yoga.

• Whether the classes will influence student health insurance coverage

• If the style practiced involves intense postures or heated rooms

• Health history, such as miscarriages or high blood pressure

• Length of the sessions

• Kinds of poses to avoid

• Which breathing techniques are unsafe

• If the teacher is trained to teach Prenatal Yoga

In the end, every woman must trust herself enough not to do anything that feels wrong to her – no matter what someone else says. There are situations and conditions when a pregnant student should not take Yoga classes.  Good judgment and a well trained teacher are the keys to a safe Prenatal Yoga practice.  The entire purpose of prenatal Yoga is the have a safe delivery and a healthy child.  If a mother-to-be finds there is a certain amount of risk involved when attending prenatal classes, this is completely unacceptable and no doctor would advise it.  Why would any mother put her child in harm’s way?

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  1. Teachers need specific prenatal training in order to provide classes that give students the most benefits and the fewest risks. Thanks for sharing this useful article.

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