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The Truth About Hatha Yoga Benefits

200-hour yoga teacher coursesBy Sangeetha Saran

There is much to learn about Hatha Yoga, but let’s separate fact from fiction. Almost all activities have some sort of benefit, and Yoga has more benefits than most.  In order to get the most out of Yoga, it is important to have realistic expectations of the practice and teacher.

Will Yoga Change My Life?

Most likely, however, yoga is a tool to change oneself. No one can really change you. No one can save you from yourself, not even the most advanced Yoga master. Yoga is a tool for inner change. Inner change won’t happen overnight, it is something that will need to be worked at. The only one who can do that work will be the student.

The Guru guides the student and merely serves as a signpost, pointing to what the student already knows on a level deep down inside. This is a beautiful journey for two individuals to share. In Yoga, you get what you give. If the student is lazy or is looking for a quick fix, they will likely leave disappointed, because that is not what Yoga is all about. Students who stick with the practice often report a higher quality of life than before they took up Yoga.

I Want An Attractive Body. Will Yoga Give Me A Sexy Figure?

Possibly, but the movements, techniques, and poses in the art of Yoga are certainly good at sculpting the physical form into something that is considered pleasant to look at. Combined with proper diet, Hatha Yoga is a superior exercise routine. However, the physical movements in Yoga serve a purpose beyond the sum of their parts.

The real results won’t be on the physical level, they will be on the spiritual plane of existence. Yoga’s movements serve to make the student aware of their body in ways never before possible in everyday living. Yoga serves as a catalyst for radical transformation. In comparison to this profound benefit, any physical gain pales in comparison. The body will be more fit and flexible, and the person within the body will be more beautiful than ever before.

Can’t I Just Buy a Yoga DVD?

DVDs are much better in the hands of Yoga teachers than the public. DVDs are used as educational tools in Yoga teacher training courses. If you are new to Yoga, you could work at home with DVDs, but you would be missing out on the guidance of a competent Yoga instructor.

A good teacher makes all the difference in Yoga practice. A true Yogi can guide and shape a student simply by sitting beside them. On the purely physical level, a master is greatly helpful in instructing movements. A DVD can’t give individualized guidance about how to do every Yoga technique.

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  1. The art of Yoga are certainly good at sculpting the physical form into something that is considered pleasant to look at. Thanks for this good posting.

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