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Spirit Quest – YTT Ultimate Journey

spirit quest

By Gopi Rao

What is a spirit quest YTT? Well, it’s a yoga teacher training program where you find yourself and maybe solve a few life challenges. You can travel the world or stay home and take your course online, but you need to have some time for yourself.


Starting Your Spirit Quest

Close your eyes and put yourself somewhere far away. Far away from your everyday stresses, from the thoughts of a very long to-do list, from all forms of media-filled technology, and from everyone. Now do this while stretching in many different positions, maintaining your breathing while thinking about nothing but calming yourself. This is a simple form of yoga, and you just reached the first part of your spirit quest.


Finding Inner Peace

When taking a break from every sort of distraction while stepping inside your own realm, you reach another part of yourself that is ignored during the busy days of life’s obligations. This break can give you time not only to get to know yourself better but also to release yourself of the stresses that you may not even be aware of, those of which can be detrimental to your health.

This break you give yourself can be conducted in the form of yoga. Performing yoga truly and adequately will enhance your appearance from the extra flexibility, strength, and happiness you exude; it will also provide a certain glow that will shine outwardly credited to the new revelations you have discovered of yourself. Yoga is undoubtedly profoundly connected to your personal spirit quest and can heal.

Is Yoga A Spiritual Practice In Motion?

When practicing yoga and meditation simultaneously, the effects can provide a calmer mind and deep relaxation. What yoga ultimately does is it makes the movements and flexed positions become a natural part of the person’s movements, thus making them stronger and more balanced while allowing them to have a deeper strength of the ability to focus and concentrate without letting themselves get distracted.

The more yoga that is practiced, the more one will become accustomed to the movements, therefore making the strength regiment become a natural part of their routine while having the ability to focus on their true inner selves. Being able to perform the exercises and connecting with oneself is like multi-tasking.

While realizing that one has gotten to know oneself better while getting stronger and healthier every day, they will also learn it becomes a satisfaction that can’t be reached unless yoga is implemented into their routines. The benefits and feelings attained from yoga meditation is truly something everyone should try to experience for themselves regularly.


Embrace the Path of Yoga

I have an excellent feeling when I think of the word journey and hear it in my mind. I feel excitement, and my immediate environment seems to become fluid and less precise. This is my mind slowly giving rise to how my life will evolve as I take this odyssey. It’s an exciting feeling I have experienced many times in my life.

I embrace these feelings and know that something positive will happen, but on what scale and magnitude I don’t know. That is where the excitement comes from. It’s excitement without negative stress. My mind and body are letting me know that there’s a spirit quest ahead that will bring me to a new level in my life, and that fills me with an exhilarating sense of wonder.

The Journey of Study

I wholeheartedly recommend that anyone with a genuine interest in yoga should embrace the journey of studying yoga. Oh, what a beautiful adventure you will have. Your yogic spirit quest will be the most positive journey you will ever take.

Your perceptions will be improved and strengthened. Your confidence and self-esteem will grow and build until you understand precisely how much self-love you deserve. These revelations and beliefs will grow daily and leave you at the pinnacle of all that is positive and good in your life.


Beauty of Yoga

One of the beauties of yoga is that it is accessible to anyone interested. The movements are slow and deliberate and will not cause injuries if practiced with care. If you are already active with an exercise regimen and would like to try yoga, you should try it. It can be a great compliment to your other exercise activities.

The peace and serenity you get from yoga will improve all relationships, whether business, family, or future ones. People who have high-stress lives generally see the most dramatic results. They have been under stress for so long that they believe this is how everyone lives, and they are amazed at their life’s transformation.

So, if you want to feel what it’s like to shed the stress that may be a large part of your life, give a yogic spirit quest a chance to work its magic.  Some of us like the yoga vacation in an exotic location. Others may prefer the flexibility of an online yoga course, because we have families and work obligations.  Either way, a yogic spirit quest requires some soul searching and time for independent research.


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A Life-Changing Decision – Why Yoga is for You

By Keira Benson

So, why should I do a yogic spirit quest? I don’t have time to fit any more into my busy life.

1. Yoga works in a holistic way; that is, it addresses the whole body, improving the entire structure.

By working with physical movements known as postures or ‘asana,’ we can improve the range of movement within our joints, increasing both suppleness and strength. Tight muscles can restrict our movements and cause structural strain; tightness in the hips can pressure the knees, and restricting short hamstrings can put the lower back at risk.

Strong muscles help to support and bring stability to our joints, especially the spine, which is a common site of strain.

Yoga postures take the spine through its full range of movements in a precise, controlled way, which can be highly beneficial in releasing postural back pain.

Taking joints through their full range of movement keeps them healthy and can even help prevent degenerative arthritis.


2. Our breathing capacity can be increased through yoga.

It focuses on the breath by encouraging a relaxed ‘steady’ breathing during the physical postures, particularly during relaxation at the end of the class.

Dedicated breathing exercises can also be taught during the class. All of these techniques help to improve lung function and reduce stress.


3. Yoga can also bring us a sense of calm and relaxation.

It can help to minimize stress by shifting the emphasis from the sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for the ‘fight or flight’ response, to the parasympathetic nervous system, which brings the body back into balance.

By staying focused on our breath and physical movements, we can also switch off from the constant fluctuations of the mind.

The yogic spirit quest is a holistic practice, combining enhanced physical well-being and improved breathing with a quiet, restful mind.

There are many different forms of yoga available, some of the most common being:

Hatha – The practice of mental and physical cleansing through postures (asana) and breathing (pranayama).

Ashtanga – The exploration of postures, breath control , and concentration.

Sivananda – A flowing style that includes breath control, meditation, postures, chanting, and relaxation.

Yin – A practice that combines traditional Hatha postures with Taoist philosophy and Meridian Theory. It works with the feminine energy of the body and affects the deep layers of connective tissue, utilizing long passive holds.

All forms of yoga come from the same root and are, therefore, relatively interchangeable, so an hour-long class once or twice a week in any of the disciplines will quickly start to work wonders on both your physical and mental well-being.

Keira Benson found yoga last year after a two-year battle with a shoulder injury and has seen huge improvements since she began regular classes.

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