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Patricia Smith

I hold Aura Wellness Center with high regard It’s teacher’s training program went beyond what I anticipated for an online training program. Because of my location, Newfoundland, Canada it is very difficult to almost impossible to find in-depth training. I searched and researched the internet and came upon this “Camp-in-a-box” for Hatha Yoga. I did quite a bit of reading and returning to this site until I was satisfied with what they had to offer and gave it a try because I was always interested in Yoga. I never looked back! Even through my setbacks, Aura Wellness was very supportive.
From the outset, I was not dissappointed. What was expected to be achieved by this course was a true understanding of Yoga through a detailed questionnaire after reading the books, watching the DVD’s, studying the Chakra System. All this material and more was supplied by Aura Wellness for your training, A true demonstration of your knowledge (via DVD) after study and an actual write up on yoga’s relationship to health was expected after the above was achieved. Then came the grading…..Very Professional.
My experience with this course was exceptional. Aura Wellness was only an email away. Responded promptly to any questions I had. Just there for you and your success! But, success does not come easy; for each part of the course, you would have to study and restudy and practice in order to be successful. Rest assured, if you succeed and receive your diploma, you will have earned it! Both parties work very hard together for success and Aura Wellness will indeed be recommended
by me as a very reputable Yoga Center
Patricia Smith
Certified Yoga Teacher
Grand Falls-Windsor NL

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