Yoga for Joyful Living

The 34 participants were split into two groups. One group was instructed to walk for one hour, three times a week. The other group was instructed to practice lyengar yoga for that same duration of time, the same amount of days a week. The GABA levels of these participants were monitored during this time, and, according to the study, those in the yoga group showed in increase in GABA levels, which matched what they reported: better moods then those reported by the walkers.

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How Important is Sanskrit When Teaching Yoga?

As time and progress have brought Yoga to other parts of the world, it has evolved into many different things. It has become a way for people to maintain proper levels of physical fitness, a way to release stress and anxiety due to day-to-day life, and a way to find a deeper mind-body connection. While many of these philosophies and goals existed in ancient Yoga, the modern conveniences of our lives have changed it dramatically.

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A Brief History of Yoga Therapy

Some of the many conditions Yoga therapy has relieved are: Depression, insomnia, breathing difficulties, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, mourning, sciatica and muscle tension, autoimmune illnesses, nervousness, perfectionism, and many other ailments.

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