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Thelma Natasuwarna Wuisan

Dear Paul,
I deeply apologize for taking a time too long to write the testimony, this is a long overdue promise. However, I have a good excuse for that, because I finally opened up a yoga course and teach yoga! It takes a while to settle down the ‘business’ (an on-going process), but it has been great now and new classes are opening.
I am very grateful to know Paul, Marie and Aura Wellness team that had given me the opportunity to bring my yoga study to the next level, and at my own pace! I joined the Camp-in-the-box program just two months before I got pregnant. I had a healthy pregnancy although had many restrictions (as the Obgyn adviced) and should not get too active. In postpartum period, however, things got worse; I had carpal tunnel syndrome, swollen legs and very low motivation. I couldn’t do a single Downward Dog for many months. I mentioned my problems to Paul; he was very understanding and supportive. I am very grateful that Paul allowed me to extend my study and giving me the support that I needed. Slowly, I gained back my strength to catch up with my practice and exams, and I graduated with honors….
Aura gives us the opportunity of self-learning (Svadhaya) with confidence, yet nurture the truthfulness in ourselves. Paul continues to give advices and endless support with compassion, which I consider a valuable treasure. Then, I learned that compassion and non-judgment are very important to develop trust and confidence between student – teacher. I always remind myself to apply that in my classes.
With much love and respect, I thank Paul, Marie and Aura’s professional team.
Thelma Natasuwarna Wuisan
Certified Yoga Teacher
Bloom & Shine Yoga, Jakarta, Indonesia

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