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Welcome, my name is Teasha Camargo.
Are you looking for something incredible, start by looking within yourself? Vipassana Meditation was introduced to me a little over a year ago. My saving grace. I am on a spark-joy journey. I love learning, attracting things along the way, and fine-tuning them. It is a beautiful balance of yin and yang, watching as it comes and goes. I think of the midday sun casting shadows as the sun moves across the sky so do the shadows until it is no longer there. The shadows return only if the sun is out. It may be a different story if there are streetlights that cast upon it. Not worrying about whether it stays or goes. These shadows represent the good and bad feelings appreciating the value while it is there, after all, is only temporary. I feel more joy when my mind is clear. It opens many more opportunities as I see things from a different perspective. I am excited about my path of learning. I experienced amazing things leading up to the day I found The Aura Wellness Center. They are very knowledgeable, kind, patient, and always ready to give you a helping hand. When I was looking for a Meditation Course, there were so many others to choose from but, they stood out to me. Thank you for making my time enjoyable.


Certified Meditation Teacher

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