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Mara Montiel de Manstretta

I wanted to express my deeply and sincere gratitude to Paul and Marie for their guidance through my training. I never felt alone. There wouldn’t have been another way for me to become a certified Yoga instructor. I completed the Yoga teacher training-camp-in-a-box as an online certification; which is amazing, because it gave me the opportunity to accomplish my goals in the time frames that worked best for my family, so I really made my dream come true, I became a Certified Yoga teacher.

I had the opportunity last December to teach a class in my 5yr old daughter classroom for the parent involvement activity in her school, and I fell in love with practicing with kids as well, so now I’m even more aware of how beneficial and important it is not just for us but also for children to have Yoga in their lives. To learn how to be present, aware, and to cultivate love for themselves as well as for others.

I am truly convinced that the world needs more people practicing Yoga so we can have a better world. More awareness and love is all we need.

I feel honored and blessed to be part of this beautiful group of people in Yoga; all the dedicated teachers and students who join in a beautiful path aiming for peace and love.

I invite all of you who wonder and dream about becoming a Yoga teacher, and touching a live in the most profound way, please join us in this amazing journey, of learning how to be the best version of ourselves. Become certified. If I did it, you can!

I give thanks again to Marie and Paul and highly recommend Aura Wellness Center for your Yoga training.

Please take care.


Mara Montiel de Manstretta
Certified Yoga Teacher

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