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Maikenzy Rose

Dear Paul,
I learned more about yoga through the Aura Wellness Center in the past ten months than I have in the past four years of attending various studios and practicing at home. Not only do I feel better equipped to pursue a deeper personal practice, but also, I feel prepared to serve my community in a safe and fearless manner.
The material you provide establishes a strong foundation for creating a confident leader. Before completing the Vinyasa Yoga Teacher exams, I was unsure of myself. Now, I am a courageous yogini who is excited to share her knowledge with others.
I feel touched on an emotional level through your and Jacquline’s feedback, direction, and support. There is no greater feeling than achieving your goals. All day today, people have been asking me why my smile is so big. It’s because now, I have a superpower; to be healed and to be a source of healing for others.
Thank you,
Maikenzy Rose

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