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Lissa S. Flores

Dear Paul,
I first began the practice of yoga five years ago and have been “sharing” its joys to friends, friends of friends and family members for one year now. I was constantly being encouraged to get my teacher’s certification. It has been one of my wishes to be able to teach yoga full-time. Thanks to your program I am now able to do so.
I am from Guam (a territory of the U.S. and a remote island in the Pacific). Here, there are no yoga teacher training institutions. Additionally, in the last 3 years that I had been wanting to become certified, it was practically impossible because I was working full-time in the media industry. I knew the only way I could fulfill my wish to be a certified teacher was to find an on-line, at-home program. That is how I came to Aura Wellness Center.
Prior to signing up for this course, I had already purchased reading material and instructional DVDs, and combed the web to further my knowledge of the practice of yoga. But nothing compares to the information provided in your books, CDs/DVDs and on-line newsletters. The informational and educational resources provided by your program are very valuable learning tools and I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in working toward their teacher certification.
The day I received your email advising my test scores and certification was a pivotal and very meaningful point for me. I felt like I was definitely on the right path in my life and that the Universe was giving me its blessings for this new and exciting direction. I also feel that you, and your work through this program, have been put in place by the Universe to be an angel and instrument toward this fulfillment, not just for me personally but for all others who believe in the power of yoga. I am so grateful to you for this wonderful gift.
Thank you for offering this type of training and for allowing someone like me the opportunity to turn my passion into my life’s work!


Lissa S. Flores
Certified Yoga Teacher

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