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Lisa Goswick

I wanted to take a few moments to thank Dr. Jerard and the Aura Wellness Center for their wonderful training program, as well as their assistance and guidance throughout the entire process. I received my certification this week with high honors and could not be more thrilled with the experience. When I decided to fulfill my dream of becoming a Certified Yoga teacher, I researched different programs and I needed one that would work around being a mom of three and I found the Yoga Teacher Training Camp in a Box (Platinum), which was the perfect fit for my lifestyle. This program not only was a great fit for my lifestyle but was great in providing me with all the necessary tools to be a successful, knowledgeable, and strong instructor. It had such wonderful materials and information to learn to truly be an informed teacher for my future students, so that they will reach their maximum benefits from a Yoga class. Not only did I learn all the necessities to be a successful teacher but I gained so much as an individual. It encouraged me to develop myself not just as a teacher but an individual. I was able to set my own pace, take as much time as I felt was needed on certain topics and areas that was suited for my learning style and success. The materials that come from the course will be materials that I will continue to reference and utilize throughout my teaching. Dr. Jerard was always available to answer any questions and is very quick to reply to emails as well as other members of the Aura Staff. For anyone that is looking for a program to become a certified Yoga teacher I highly recommend the Aura Wellness Center, it will be such a wonderful fulfilling experience for you and you will walk away feeling confident, knowledgeable, and strong as you begin to teach your first Yoga classes. Thank you so much!

Lisa Goswick
Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor

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