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Linda L. Viel


I would like to give you a testimonial about Aura Yoga Center and your teacher training program. This is the best independent study course I have ever taken and I have taken quite a few over the years. The support available is the best I have ever had. Thank you for providing such a high quality product. I will be recommending your products to others.

If you truly want an all around thorough training program then use the “Yoga Teacher Training Camp-in-a-Box” The program is very comprehensive and the support you get is phenomenal. The Aura Wellness Center staff is very professional in all aspects. The website alone is a wealth of knowledge. The blogs, community pages, newsletters, FAQs, video files and personal phone or e-mail answers to questions is a resource no Certified Yoga Teacher should be without. The best part is that this program can fit into your schedule. Just remember, take it seriously, study, practice and reap the personal rewards that will make you an asset to the growing Yoga community. I have enjoyed my journey to becoming a certified Yoga teacher with the help of the staff at the Aura Wellness Teacher Training Center and “Yoga Teacher Training Camp-in-a-Box”

This is truly a 5 star program.

Peace, Love and Light,
Linda L. Viel
Certified Yoga Teacher

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