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I remember about two years ago during winter vacation sitting at the computer and looking up some more information on Yoga. I had already been practicing for several years and it just hit me, “I want to become an instructor…. someday.” I did not pursue becoming an instructor since I thought that I did not have enough experience, and also I was and still am a college student with little time to spare. Some time passed and this past summer I began to look into getting my certification. I searched for hours looking at the different programs that were available. I wanted to make sure that the one a chose was not some flunky course or which would not be recognized. I am happy to say that after many hours of searching I found Aura Wellness Center’s website and looked through the course material. It seemed to be legitimate, but I did not want to just jump on the first thing that “looked good.” So I waited a month or so thinking about it and doing some more research, then finally made the decision to just jump on it. I did not find anything that detoured me from the course at Aura.
After receiving my class material I got to work and within about 4 months I was finished with the class. I put in a lot of time, but it was all time well spent. The texts and media, which are included in a yoga teacher’s training, are all very useful and applicable. Not only did it increase my knowledge of Yoga, but the material also helped me understand how to better instruct others and help them along their journey with Yoga. In addition to the great material, Paul was very helpful throughout the process being very quick to reply to my questions and answering them fully! I was very impressed by how quickly he replied to my questions.
Now I have a job teaching at the University of Arizona Recreation Center. I look forward to my time with my student and look forward to see them grow and improve.
Thank You Paul and Aura Wellness Center for making a dream become a reality!
Certified Yoga Instructor Training Graduate

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