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Kelly Schalk

Dear Paul,
I wish you and all those who are touched by the AURA Wellness Center PEACE, for your journey is blessed. I believe there is no greater gift in life than to seek understanding of the Divine Grace within each of us, the Atman. AURA’s foundation is not only built on helping people seek guidance from their enlightened Spirit, but also provides opportunities for this reflective practice to grow. The distant Yoga Teacher Training Program has enabled me to re-certify myself. I am now, once again, able to cultivate nurturing experiences that help others learn about the importance of their Atman. After years of self-study (Svadhyaya) I sacrificed my credentials to teach Yoga in the US. Now that I live a Yogie’s life I am not free to set aside weeks for most certification programs. The design of this curriculum has enabled me to once again share my understanding of the Divine Universal Power, the Brahman, which directs all of life. I believe the training material is well designed and provides a solid foundation for a person to begin to share their knowledge of Yoga. I pray that those who seek the path of a Yogie find the courage and strength to more completely surrender to their Atman, true “self”, and share the Light of Brahman.
Jai Bhagwan,

Kelly Schalk, PhD
Certified Yoga Teacher

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