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Justin Kiely

My name is Justin Kiely, I am a 30 years old Australian and have just completed Level 1 diploma of Yoga Therapy which took me approximately 15 months to complete (2 years was allowed).
Before commencing the diploma i was a student of Iyengar for 2 years so i had an interest in Yoga and more importantly a practically background.
The work load involved in the diploma is demanding,especially the written work (time demanding), but once you commence the first parts it seems to role through quickly.
Now the diploma is complete i think it wasn’t that difficult it just requires good time management and good computer skills, but the time allowed is more than generous to complete the diploma.
Professionally i am a soft tissue therapist and I now incorporate Yoga Therapy into my injury management and prevention services, which is a great preventative for many muscular skeletal pain and dysfunctions, not to mention the psychological benefits for stress affected clients.
I would have now hesitation in recommending anyone with an interest /passion in Yoga to do the courses held through Aura Wellness Center, it has greatly improved my theoretical knowledge of yoga and practically improved my knowledge on how to conduct and plan session for clients with particular ailments and associated issues.
Kind regards
Justin Kiely
Certified Yoga Therapist

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