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Joyce A. Gerstenberger

Good Afternoon Paul,
Please accept my apology for having taken so long to write this. First of all, please accept my expression of gratitude for the yoga teaching program “Camp in a Box” which has allowed me to become a certified yoga instructor. I learned so much, and can’t tell you how much this will mean to my life.
This program opened my eyes to so many things. I will use all that I have learned, will take the time to learn more, and will be taking more courses from Aura Wellness. Your support throughout the time I was studying was wonderful. I didn’t use it a lot, but always knew it was there if I ran into any roadblocks.
Thank you for your constructive criticisms upon my completion of the program. I will take all that you said to heart.
Looking forward to a continued relationship as I forge forward to a new career. I will be retiring from the University of Northern Colorado, after 23 years of service, at the end of July–that will mark the real beginning of my yoga teaching career.
Once again, thank you.
Joyce A. Gerstenberger
Certified Yoga Instructor

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