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Jomana Krupinski

Dear Paul:
Last week I received my Certified Yoga Teacher certificate in the mail, and I just can’t express my gratitude enough. As a mother of two small children, my dream of becoming a Yoga teacher seemed years away. Being unable to spend days (some programs even required weeks) away from my family, your online teacher-training programs re-ignited the hope that I could fulfill my dream and still dedicate myself to my children’s needs.
Your program was a perfect fit for my life. The education I received was top-notch. The course provided appropriately challenging homework assignments and reading materials while delivering the best service I have experienced online. The responses to my questions and assignments were prompt and detailed. I can say that I feel fully confident marketing myself as a Yoga teacher and I look forward to continuing my studies with you in future courses.
Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!
Jomana Krupinski
Certified Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

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