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Jenny Juckel

I would like to sincerely thank Paul and his team at Aura Wellness Center for offering such a wonderful option for people who are passionate about studying and sharing yoga. I cannot imagine another avenue fitting in with my lifestyle and personality as much as this teacher training course has done.
The independent nature of the study is something that continues to blossom within me, something that may not have happened in a different, less self-motivated situation. Having said that however, Paul made himself available at all times, no matter how small or trivial my concern.
I am already teaching and feel blessed to have been sent on this new path. My practice, both physical and spiritual, continues every day, and I learn from my students each time I teach a class.
Thank you for being a part of this journey.
I do encourage others who may be thinking of taking the plunge who may not be sure this will be beneficial.
Jenny Juckel
Aura Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

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