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Heather Heilman

I just want to express my gratitude to Aura Wellness Center and to Dr.Paul Jerard. I recently completed the Digital Yoga Teacher training in-a-box Hatha Yoga course Level 1 and have received my certificate. I live in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada there are not a lot of places in this area that offer yoga teacher training. Many people living here who want to take yoga teacher training have to travel great distances such as going to Bali or Spain to obtain their certification; which is also very costly. As a busy, married mom of 2 who is also working as a registered social worker; I have very little time to spare and so taking time off work and away from my family and travelling a great distance to get my certification was just not an option for me. I have been a long time yoga practitioner and had always dreamed of becoming a certified yoga teacher and now Aura Wellness Center has made this a reality for me.

The course was very reasonable in terms of cost and I was very impressed with the breadth and depth of this course and I feel it truly helped prepare me for becoming a certified yoga teacher. The course reminded me very much of my university courses; the guidelines and instructions are very clear and well laid out. Paul was always very accessible by email to answer any questions that I had and I found the Aura Wellness Center website to be very informative and easy to navigate as well. With the digital course, I like that there was the option of using many accessible online sources for information and I feel I have learned a great deal. For me it was just making the time to work on a couple of questions or essays after work or in the evenings or weekends while my kids were playing or doing their homework. I found that if you break it down into just tackling a couple of questions each day as Aura Wellness suggests, you are able to complete the course in a very reasonable amount of time. I am now teaching water yoga classes at our local Temple Gardens Mineral Spa every Thursday evening and I am truly enjoying it. Thank you Aura Wellness Center and Dr. Paul Jerard! Namaste.

Heather Heilman, BSW, RSW

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