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Heather Brady

Just wanted to take a moment and send an email for your website testimonials! I am still excited about this CYT training course!!! This has been one of the best decisions that I have made! Your course has been an incredible blessing not only to me but to all of my friends and family too! The entire course was put together beautifully. Not only did I gain a vast amount of knowledge, I also developed a healthier lifestyle overall. Several health symptoms that I struggled with such as LBP, neck tightness, insomnia, stress, sinus headaches, and anxiety all vanished after starting this yoga teacher training. Regular practice of the asanas improved my immune system in general. Thank you for creating a course that could be performed at home and allowing a year for it to be completed. Also, thank you for always being so quick to respond if I had a question or issue arise. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in yoga. You all have been so very wonderful and I appreciate you so much!!! This has been an incredible journey. May God Bless You All!!!
Best Wishes,
Heather Brady
Certified Yoga Teacher

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