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Geri Schaaf

Over the past 12 months, I have received top notch instruction and guidance from Paul Jerard’s Aura Yoga teacher certification course in Hatha Yoga. As I approached my mailbox in anicipation, I wondered…”will it be there?” Imagine my joy when I opened my Diploma with High Honors along with an outstanding reference letter from Paul. I recommend this course for anyone who has a passion for Yoga, is willing to work calmly and diligently, and who enjoys learning. Paul is a knowledgeable teacher who answers all questions promptly, clearly, and with kindness. The extensive course materials (books, DVD’s, and CD) were invaluable in my learning process. I feel prepared and confident as a new Yoga Instructor because of the high quality of this course. Thanks Paul and Marie!
Geri Schaaf PT, CYT
Aura Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

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