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Evelyne Albanese

Dear Paul,
Just wanted to thank you so much for the great experience I had getting my certification through your program…
After doing some research on the different options available for certification I found your web site and decided that you offered the best value not only financially but also educationally.
You offer a well rounded and well organized manner of learning the material…..I found the option to receive the material in three separate portions to work really well for me financial as well as making me get through a specific amount of material at a time rather then my trying to figure out how to get through it all on my own….
Beginning with reading the books and then taking the written exam; the order of the questions and the questions themselves gave me a great balance of information that turned the test into more of a reference manual of 35 pages then a test….
The practical videos that showed teaching material as well as the videos about the anatomy and the meditative side of yoga were very helpful in putting together a well balanced practice of yoga for my students.
The one hour video showing me teaching my class was a great way for me to see how I teach and perform the asanas…. something that you don’t get to see otherwise…. not only did you need to see how I teach but I did also…
You always answered my questions promptly and kindly and made me feel like I can come back anytime with issues as they come up over time…..it is a great feeling to know that there is all this support behind me as I go forward from this place….
I am now teaching one class 3 days a week at my club and have already increased my regular students to 16 people…..most come 2 times per week some three……will continue here and see how it goes…may look into finding a few more classes in the future but for now this is a good beginning.
Thanks again for everything…I would recommend your program to anyone who is looking to give themselves a great education in yoga.
Evelyne Albanese
Certified Yoga Intructor

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