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Diana Boucher

Aura Wellness center is the best independent study course I have ever taken and I have taken a few different courses over the years. I have been practicing yoga at home for a long time and it has helped me so much mentally and physically. Because of the benefits that I received from practicing Yoga consistently, I wanted to take it to the next level and start teaching others but I needed a course I could study in between my kids, work schedule, and life in general. I researched and read reviews on different places until I finally decided on Aura Wellness! I am so happy that I did because their courses are fantastic and they have so much to offer on their site!! I started with The Original Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Camp-In-A-Box – Level 1 -240 hours and it was an all around thorough training program that I completed in 1 year, then I took their Complete Holistic Weight Control e-course that was packed with great information and then I took the Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Certification Course- 100 Hour Upgrade-which was fantastic in learning all about Vinyasa Style yoga! All of these courses where phenomenal and I recommend them to anyone interested in furthering their education in this field and the best part is that this program can fit into your schedule. I will def. be taking another course through Aura Wellness to continue my education further. Dr. Paul Jerard and the Aura Wellness staff are very professional in all aspects, available when needed, had a quick response time on getting back to me through email, and were all super supportive. I was also very pleased with the level of knowledge that Dr. Paul Jerard provided and the high quality of all the courses that I took! The website alone is a wealth of knowledge. The blogs, community pages, newsletters, FAQs, video files and other information that Dr. Paul Jerard has provided are excellent resources that a Certified Yoga Teacher shouldn’t be without.

I have enjoyed my adventure in becoming a certified Yoga teacher with the help of Dr. Paul Jerard and the staff at The Aura Wellness Center! I will continue to learn and grow as a Certified Yoga Instructor!

Diana Boucher, CYT 240, VYT 100

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