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Darlene Donegan

Aura Wellness Center has given me the flexibility and resources needed to easily and effectively acquire my yoga certification. I have been practicing yoga since 2005 and teaching yoga since 2009. However, there were no local yoga training programs in my area. I wanted to become certified to be more effective and to truly feel qualified to teach others the wonderful practice of yoga. Most programs required me to leave my hometown for an extended period of time or travel to another state for training. My family and professional career as a history teacher would not allow that to happen. So I researched online yoga training programs in hopes of finding an alternative. Yet, I felt most online programs were either fraudulent or lacking detailed information concerning the specifics of the program. I was honestly on the verge of giving up my search when I came across the Aura Wellness Yoga Center website. I read the pages of testimonials, checked out their track record with the Better Business Bureau and reviewed what the training entailed. I was very impressed. I enrolled into the basic yoga teacher program and have learned so much from the experience. I have truly grown as an instructor and will take other courses offered by Aura Wellness Center. I would suggest this program to anyone interested in a quality online yoga training course.

Thanks Paul for such a wonderful program.

Best regards,
Darlene Donegan
Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

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