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Cindy Horton

The Aura Yoga Vinyasa Teacher Certification course was well structured and provided information in a variety of forms. The books and videos complemented each and reinforced what’s involved in the union of a yoga practice. I recommend Aura Wellness Center Yoga to students and aspiring teachers interested in learning more about yoga. The material has helped me be a better yoga instructor in numerous ways. One of which is by reminding me the teacher’s goal is to safely inspire the student, while being open to what we as teachers can continue to learn from our students. Also, having the structure of the course requirements helped keep me focused on step-by-step learning, building confidence with each additional piece of knowledge.
I want to thank Paul for his always kind, supportive, and quick response to any queries I had. It felt very good to know I had support available.
I was so pleased at the end of my year study, I signed up for Introduction to Yoga Therapy the day after receiving my Vinyasa Teacher Certification! I’ve already started delving again deeper into my yoga study and want to thank you, Paul, and Aura Yoga!
Cindy Horton
Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

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