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Christina Phillips

Dear Paul,
I want to take this opportunity to thank you for offering such a wonderful home study program. I have wanted to achieve my Yoga Teacher Certification for a very long time, but personal family circumstances required that I find a program that allowed me to work at home, at my own pace. I was thrilled when I came across your lea, and immediately ordered the program.
I learned so much through the literature, and videos. I was like a sponge, soaking up the philosophy, anatomy, pranayama, and posturing. Discovering the benefits Yoga, and personally experiencing the benefits in my daily life was tremendous. Shortly after receiving my “Camp in a Box” program, my family was dealt a series of unfortunate circumstances. I was able to utilize all that I was learning during the trying times, with less stress and more peace. I observed first hand that every asana either directly or indirectly quiets the mind. I learned that using slow controlled respiration calms the body, mind, and spirit, and I benefited from the restorative power of relaxation. As I mentioned to you once before, “it is because of ‘Camp in a Box’ that I was able to complete ‘Camp in a Box’.
I was so thrilled to receive my certification, and cant wait to begin sharing to joy of Yoga with others! I highly recommend this program on both a personal, and professional level!
Christina Phillips
Aura Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

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