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Chaquillea Bellarouge

Hi Paul,
Thank you for making it possible for people like me who have to work long hours to complete courses on line and successfully pass to have the ability to teach others and share the knowledge that we have been able to learn to progress with life and to keep up to date with all the new information. We will never stop learning in any field.
I have been in the fitness industry 34 years now starting at a young age due to my experience with ballet, classical, jazz, tap and character and more. Having the ability to be able to teach dance and move on to the fitness industry as my career.
I started yoga at a young age of 8 and went to proper yoga and meditation classes to learn more and to be healthy.
I have completed many courses over the 34 years and I did another yoga course many years ago , plus my pilates and my clinical pilates and rehabilitation.
I am always studying and keeping up to date in all my areas of expertise including my personal training.
I was one of the first pts in the world before it became a major career for others and it was so much nicer back then to now…
So many people with injuries coming to the fitness centers and in classes and in pt sessions. I always use all of my courses when training people because of this increasing disability they may have. Yoga is a key to health and happiness. I will always combine yoga and pilates when training people and in my classes.
I really enjoyed your course because I could do it at my own pace and not be rushed into finishing when I work long ridiculous hours. Easy to understand and lots of fabulous info to keep it interesting when learning. Most importantly it was affordable with your payment plans, which I need to be able to finish any course on my low salary. I am a single mum of 3 and my children always come first, so I work as much as possible to keep them healthy and happy and so I can actually see them day to day in between my shifts.
Looking forward to completing more course in the future.
Kind regards,
Chaquillea Bellarouge

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