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Candida Vassallo

“Dear Paul
I was thrilled to receive my Yoga Teacher Certificate, and very appreciative of your collaboration with the timeline in the marking of my exams. Already having quite a bit of Yoga experience and knowledge, I needed to formalise it so as to have my certificate by October this year, as at the end of October, I was running a Retreat in Bali, of which Hatha Yoga was a component. There was a slight mishap with my practical exam, which made it difficult to mark, but regardless of that, you did, and consequently I had my certificate in time for my retreat, for which I am very grateful.
I found the course materials in Camp-in-a-box are comprehensive, easy to understand, well laid out, and with suggestions for further reading and investigations. They also challenged me sometimes in re-examining my previous perceptions and understandings of Yoga, and so expanded my awareness.
You were always very prompt with replying to my emails and very obliging with the quick marking of my exams, as I said above.
I have now included Yoga teaching as part of my health business, which was something I had been wanting to do for some time and am very humbled to see the benefits to my students in such a short time, in relation to their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Their feedback consists of increased physical flexibility and strength, better and more restful sleep, increased levels of calm and increased energy levels. Thank you Paul, as by providing a course such as Camp-in-a-Box you made it easier for me to gain my certificate, as I would not have been able to take time out of my work schedule to complete a teacher training course on-site, and so provide such a service to my clients and students.”
Best regards
Candida Vassallo
Certified Yoga Teacher

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