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Annet Veenstra

I was very happy when my Aura Hatha Yoga Teacher’s Diploma arrived last week. I was impressed by the thoroughness of the program: the books and dvd’s were excellent and I just love the Chakra Kit.
I have been teaching yoga for years and by following the program of Aura Wellness Center I finally got my Hatha Yoga Diploma. I was able to learn a lot of things I didn’t know already. My teaching skills have improved.
I can recommend this teacher’s training to everybody: it is thorough and the information in the books is valuable. What I liked most of all was that I could practise at home and in my own free time: as a Naturopath with my Natural Medicine Practice at home I am able to fill in my own time.
I now teach two yoga classes a week and from September onward I will even teach five classes a week (two of them are Kundalini Yoga, a teacher training I followed and completed this year as well). Plus: I have formed an allegiance with a Macedonian friend and we will start teaching yoga for Companies in Macedonia!
This Aura Yoga teacher’s training will open doors for anyone!
In truth and light,
Annet Veenstra
Certified Yoga Teacher
The Netherlands

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