Monthly Payment Options FAQs

/Monthly Payment Options FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions for Monthly Payment Options

Not if you are doing an International Monthly Payment Plan, all payments on your course must be completed before you can submit your exams.

*If you are completing a payment plan with PayPal Credit®, you can submit your exams at any time.

PayPal Credit®:  Please see your promotional agreement with PayPal.

International Monthly Payment Option: Yes, there is a $10 fee per payment.

PayPal Credit®: A credit check is required.

International Monthly Payment Option: No, credit cards or debit cards with credit logos on them are used for payment plans.

No credit check is required.

PayPal Credit®:  You will be sent a statement each month.

International Monthly Payment Option: Your payment will always be exactly one month ahead.

For Example:  If you purchase a course on October 1st, your next two payments will be on November 1st and December 1st.

Payments are processed automatically after the 1st payment.


International Monthly Payment Option: We accept all major credit cards for international monthly payment plans (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and AMEX).

We also accept debit cards with credit logos on them, such as: Visa and MasterCard.

All payments need to be set up over the phone with this option.

PayPal Credit® (US Only): Offers financing on any course $99 or more.

International Monthly Payment Option: Offers any non-digital home-study course valued at $397 or more to be divided into 2 monthly payments.

If a home-study course is valued at $500 or more, it is eligible for 3 monthly payments.

No, they are actually different, in many ways.  The other payment plan FAQs will refer to this in more depth.

Though some questions are answered here; the FAQs for PayPal Credit® can be found on PayPal’s site.  Please click here to view.

PayPal Credit® is a branch of PayPal which offers finance options within the United States Only.  The current offers can be found in an Ad banner at the top of our online store for this service.  Some examples of offers that have been given in the past from PayPal Credit® are 6 months, no interest financing.

To use PayPal Credit® to purchase a course, simply select it as a payment option during the checkout process, in The Aura Online Store.

The International Monthly Payment Option is Only for International Students outside the US.  More about those plans can be found in this FAQ section.

PayPal Credit®: Please see the terms of your agreement with PayPal.

International Monthly Payment Option:  Yes. The payment system is automatic and will retry your payment 2 times, in 5 day intervals. If the system fails 3 times an email notice will be sent stating that a late fee will be charged in 5 days, and will give a list of payment methods to avoid this. 15 days from the original payment date, a $25 late fee will be assessed to your student account, if payment is not made.

*This applies Only to The International Monthly Payment Option.  The alternative option: PayPal Credit® (US Only) is a checkout option in The Aura Online Store and does not require quoting or manual setup by phone.

Please contact and include the following information:

  • The Full Name of the Course You Would Like to Enroll in (Example: The Original Yoga Teacher Training Camp-in-a-Box – Level 1 (PLATINUM)
  • Name (First and Last)
  • Shipping Address (No P.O. Boxes If UPS Standard to Canada is chosen)
  • Phone number
  • Best Day/Date and Time to Reach You to Set Up Your Payment Plan By Phone. (Please include your time zone) An e-mail quote will be sent to you first.
    • *Our Office is open from 9AM to 5PM ET (US) – Monday – Friday.
  • 2 or 3 Monthly Payments
    • (3 Monthly Payment Option is Only for Courses $500 or More)

Type of shipping you would like. Aura offers the following services:


  • UPS Standard to Canada (Canada Only)


  • Priority Mail Express International™ (International Only)