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Yoga Teacher Issues

How to Find the Right Yoga Teacher?

Does your teacher show compassion for you and other students? Does your Yoga teacher take the time to lead you through a guided meditation or relaxation? Meditation and relaxation are major aspects of Yoga practice.

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The Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Yoga Student Classes, Onsite YTT, and Online Yoga Teacher Training

By Bhavan Kumar The safety of each Yoga student is our top priority. With the current global impact, concern, and attention regarding COVID-19, we would like to address a few points: Aura Wellness Center works with a large variety of students located all over the world, especially with our Online Yoga Teacher Training Programs. We …

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Specializing Versus Generalizing as a Yoga Instructor

All involved directors were interested in my offering my knowledge of the form, resulting in my own class in it at the private studio, and workshops in it at the YMCAs (with the appropriate qualifications to students of my non-certified status, as well as discretion on my part as an instructor, of course). My general knowledge set up prior opportunities and good working relationships with the directors and other teachers, while my more specialized knowledge allowed me to contribute something new and fresh (as well as gain great teaching experience, and frankly much-needed cash flow, for myself).

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Yoga Instructor Training: Varicose Veins

In addition to these specific asanas, the practice of controlled breathing relaxes muscles and calms the autonomic nervous system, reducing vascular pressure and lowering heart rate. Recommended poses and breathing exercises vary depending on individual experience and degree of symptoms. As you should have learned in your foundational yoga teacher training, most of the recommended asanas for varicose veins are inversions which are contraindicated for high blood pressure, stroke recovery, eye problems, and heart conditions.

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Personal Practice for Yoga Teachers

Maintaining a personal practice ensures that you stay current in all aspects of Yoga that interest you most. It guarantees that your Yoga classes will remain fluid and interesting, avoiding monotony. Many students prefer a varied routine for each class, where they are learning new poses or working on different areas of the body.

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