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The Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Yoga Student Classes, Onsite YTT, and Online Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Student Coronavirus InformationBy Bhavan Kumar

The safety of each Yoga student is our top priority. With the current global impact, concern, and attention regarding COVID-19, we would like to address a few points:

Aura Wellness Center works with a large variety of students located all over the world, especially with our Online Yoga Teacher Training Programs. We are monitoring the situation closely, both on a local level (Yoga student classes and onsite teacher training), nationally and internationally.

The health of our Yoga students, teachers, interns, and staff remain our highest priority throughout this challenging time.


Our Staff:

As always, if a staff member is not feeling well, we provide them with the time they need to heal. A staff member is never made to feel that he/she has to rush back to work, still sick, as this would create an unsafe environment for each Yoga student and staff member.

A safe and clean environment has always been paramount with us.

Student Classes, Yoga Teacher Interns, and Onsite Training

If you are feeling ill, we ask that you avoid attending classes until you are feeling better. This has always been a policy for our Yoga classes and trainings; but we want to reiterate, for the safety of all, to be mindful of those around you. All Yoga teacher interns and students should wear a surgical mask or better when in public. Please learn the local guidelines for social distancing and masking up. We don’t want to tell anyone how to live or infringe on your rights, but it seems we should be cautious until a vaccine is created, distributed, and administered.

With this said, we had some sign-ups for our Onsite Yoga Teacher Training, beginning this Summer, and have already switched to the Online Yoga Teacher Training. We fully support, and respect their decision to do so. We have also changed some policies for onsite trainings and classes amid the outbreak of Coronavirus. If you want to switch to the online programs, we will aid you in making the transition. As you may have noticed online education is a safe option for Yoga students of all ages.


Online Yoga Teacher Training:

  • As a student, medical excuses (also known as doctors’ notes) are always accepted.  Aura will defer judgement of time off for the extension of your course to your doctor.  This means that if you become ill, you will not be penalized for the time in which you were not feeling well.
  • Online instructor training seems to be more preferred at this time, and we are happy to help you obtain the right course to suit your style and learning preference.
  • Especially with the courses marked “[ONLINE]” in the title, you have the option to choose from ebooks or paperback books.  This means that if you are in an area, which is quarantined and not getting regular delivery services, you can still take the course.
  • Many have started to state that they are using this as a time of leaning and brushing up on skills, even obtaining your Yoga Teacher Certification from home, and we do have the tools to help you do that.

Availability of The Student Support Team:

Aura works with interns, teachers, and Yoga students all over the globe, and with employees, in all facets of our school, who may work remotely, as well as here, at our center. Our staff are equipped to seamlessly connect with, and assist, our Yoga students and teachers in a secure and productive manner. We are confident in our continued ability to serve you, regardless of our physical work locations.

Availability of The Online Student Portal:

If you have an online yoga certification course, our server platform is fully automated. We are backed up across multiple servers and cloud servers all over the world. We are partnered with technical service providers, so failures at the software and hardware level have automation for recovery, and a 24/7 team as well. Keeping each Yoga student safe and active in his/her course is important to all of us.

In Conclusion:

We are continuing to monitor the situation – transitioning more and more courses over to teaching Yoga online, which has not only become a sign of our ever changing world in technology, but seems to be more needed in the current world environment.

Keeping Yoga students, interns, and teachers safe has always been our top priority.  We will improvise, adapt our courses to suit your needs, and overcome the obstacles ahead to continue providing the support level that you are accustomed to seeing from us.

Aura Wellness Center wishes good health for you, your families, and friends.


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