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How Yoga Purges Addictions

yoga for addictionsBy Avalon Hicks

Addictions in one form or another can help to slowly destroy anything and everything. From destroying relationships to destroying health and wealth, addictions have been notoriously found, to be at the center of all kinds of negativity.

Most addictions start off as simply being part of a social experiment or a teenage dare, and for some, it stops at just this, but for the vast majority, the simple experiment eventually evolves into something more sinister and nasty. There are addictions that could have started out as medications necessary to treat certain health or mental conditions. There are also addictions that could have been a means or an immediate solution to a dedicate problem or a stressful work situation. Either way, any addiction usually spirals out of control and in more severe cases could result in death.


Some people have turned to yoga as a means of purging themselves of an addiction. There has been reliable research to show that yoga can be used for this purpose and it has been able to achieve successful or at the very least promising results. As addiction not only affects the physical but also the mental wellbeing of the addict, yoga presents itself as the ideal one for all solution, to address both planes.

Through practicing yoga, addicts have been able to address both their mental state of mind and their physical body conditions to bring forth enough positive energy over time, to help combat the addiction. There are several different types of yoga programs that can be used to address any addiction problem and choosing one that most suits the needs of a particular addiction is advised.

Through yoga, the addict learns how to be more aware of the connection between body and mind and how each works in tandem with the other. Yoga helps to create a more nurturing spirit which helps the addict to learn to look within themselves so that they can build strength to face the outside world and its challenges.


Yoga helps to connect the inner energy and strength with a series of movements and poses. Through these sessions the body is encouraged to create high levels of positive energy from within so that any adversity can be faced with the help of the now ever present positive energy. Further yoga sessions will help teach the addict how to focus on the positive and also how to attract positive energy to themselves from their surroundings, thus further fortifying their resistance to the addiction.

Yoga also provides the addict with something to do that involves the use of both mind and body. Generally the practice of yoga does not cost anything and can be done within the confines of one’s personal space. The breathing techniques taught through yoga are very calming and this is very important when attempting to distract oneself from the anxieties that encourage the addictions. This breathing helps to quiet the mind and keep it focused so that the addiction cannot take center stage anymore.

Among the elements that can be successfully achieved with the practice of regular yoga are stronger muscles, better brain function, lower levels of stress, increased energy, better sleep, healthier overall health conditions, an improved mood and mind-set and many others. All these then help the addict to move away from the addiction, mainly because there is no longer a need to find temporary relief from problems faced. With the body and mind now functioning at better levels, it is possible to face life’s challenges without turning to the previous addiction for solace.

The positive energy flow that the practice of yoga brings about, will help the mind and body naturally reject any thoughts connected to addiction.

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  1. Yoga helps for functioning the body and mind at better levels, then it is possible to face life’s challenges and by this way yoga helps to purges addictions. Thanks for sharing this article.

  2. Yoga helps to create a more nurturing spirit which helps the addict to learn to look within themselves so that they can build strength to face the outside world and its challenges.

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