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Options for Yoga Teacher Continuing Education

continuing education for yoga teachersBy Jenny Park

How important is continuing education, once you start teaching? It is such an accomplishment to complete your first teacher-training course. Unquestionably, making the decision where and how to become certified was no doubt a major one. You had to choose whether it would be online, local, abroad, intensive, or spread out over several months or years and cost was certainly also a factor. Therefore, at the end when you completed the education, you probably exhaled a sigh of gratitude and relief, while mentally checking the achievement off the list in your mind. Nevertheless, remember the education is never over.


Continuing education is essential for yoga teachers. The basic requirements for a certified instructor are 15 hours of teaching and 10 hours of continuing education per year. This minimum standard within the industry is good and can be just the motivation teachers need to reach out and embrace a particular niche of the practice, which interests them.

If you chose to do the 200-hour training as your jumpstart into the yoga field, then the option is there to become a 500-hour certified teacher. Otherwise, continuing education choices abound to lead you in whichever direction you choose.

You may want to specialize in a specific type of yoga. You could pursue additional training in any of the following:

• Hatha is one of the most popular forms of yoga practiced in the United States.

• Vinyasa focuses on self-discovery and is a good choice for those looking toward a physically challenging practice.

• Kundalini puts focus on the awakening of the chakras through meditation and mantras.

• Yoga Therapy is a refined type of hatha yoga with an emphasis on healing, therapeutic applications, and anatomy.

• Power combines a very physical regimen with some philosophical teachings.

• Restorative blends gentler asanas with meditation, breathing techniques, and sometimes chanting.


Another path could be to focus on a field that enables you to work with the type of students you enjoy. If you prefer teaching energetic high-level fitness yoga to young athletic types, you may want to refine your vigorous Vinyasa techniques for teaching sports teams.

Maybe you are more interested in the emerging field of stress-relief yoga. This is becoming very popular in the corporate world. You may check into Nidra yoga. This type of relaxation therapy is popping up in studios everywhere catering to those who need some downtime.

Many feel a calling towards the healing aspects of yoga. Yoga therapy is becoming a popular practice in hospitals and rehabilitation centers. In addition, a more aggressive field of healing yoga is Hot Yoga, which uses high heat to heal by sweating out toxins.

The options for your continuing education are vast with workshops, retreats, intensives and online courses. Enjoy the journey towards the type of yoga that fits your personality and lifestyle.

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  1. “Practice makes a man perfect” according to this proverb education is never over. So A successful yoga teacher should continue the education that is fit with his/her personality and lifestyle. Thanks posting this good article.

  2. Think of another continuing education option – Chair Yoga! It’s not just for seniors and it will open your eyes to so many more options for your students.

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