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The Evolution of Becoming a Yoga Instructor

becoming a yoga instructorBy Jenny Park

It seems safe to assume that the majority of yoga instructors start out as students. It is usually a process of metamorphosis from that first day on the mat to making the decision to become a certified teacher. Yoga beginners often are unaware of what they will experience, as they become seasoned yogis. Yet, many experience a transformation so profound they feel propelled to move on from student to instructor.


If you are considering pursuing yoga as a profession, you should be clear on your objectives and goals. 

• Do you want to teach full-time or just moonlight?

• Do you have a nurturing nature? People often look to their instructors for solace.

• Do you lead a healthy lifestyle? It is always good to set a good example.

• Are you a compassionate person? Will you be able to understand the issues of those injured or unfit clients?

• Are your financial goals realistic? Yoga teachers often make a moderate salary.

• Do you have the confidence needed to stand in front of a classroom of students and teach?

Once you have addressed some of these important issues and feel assured that indeed, you do have what it takes to make the leap from student to teacher; you are ready to begin the process.


Transforming from Student to Yoga Instructor

Step 1. Tell your decision to friends and family. It is quite a journey and you will need all the encouragement and support available during the lengthy transition period.

Step 2. Decide where and how you will approach your teacher certification. Will you take the minimum required 200-hour program or go for a 500-hour program? Will you do an intensive course over a month or spread it out over a longer time frame on evenings and weekends? It is important to consider your budget and time restrictions. In addition, make sure you feel comfortable with the teacher, as they will have a huge impact on the result.

Step 3. Your yoga course will touch on some of the philosophical side of yoga. However, you should make it a point to delve into the Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita and any other reading materials that you feel will give you a deep understanding of the practice.

Step 4. Walk the talk. If you decide to teach others, you will have to practice what you preach. If you have some lifestyle habits that conflict with the message you want to send, you will need to adjust accordingly.


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