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After the Yoga Teacher Diploma

after the yoga diplomaBy Sangeetha Saran

When you finish that first yoga teacher training session and have your diploma in your hand, it is quite the euphoric moment. However, once reality begins to set in, you realize that now you have to find employment. You will have to put yourself out there with confidence and prove to yourself and others that you possess the qualities that will make you a successful yoga teacher.

The job search might begin with a little personal soul-searching.

What type of yoga do I want to teach?

Do I want to travel or stay in my community?

What age group do I feel comfortable teaching?

Do I want to teach large classes or give private lessons?

Do I want to put more attention to the spiritual or the fitness aspect of yoga?

You will be surprised at how a few thoughtful questions can help you to avoid wasting time and energy pursuing opportunities that are not right for you. Once you have a clear idea of what kind of teacher you want to be, you are well equipped to begin your search.

The following suggestions are a good place to start.

1. Find all the local studios in your area and drop in with information about what you have to offer.

2. Place an ad in the local paper for private lessons.

3. Offer free classes at a community center and hand cards out.

4. Build a web page or at least a Facebook page.

5. Call some luxury hotels local or abroad that have guest yoga programs.

6. Call on chiropractors, massage, and wellness centers to offer your services.

7. Check on corporations in your area to inquire if they are interested in offering yoga programs to employees.

8. Call in on local gyms and offer to teach a weekly or daily yoga class.

9. Send out resumes to cruise lines if you want to travel.

10. Set up an online subscription yoga class or start a yoga blog.

The most important thing to remember when looking for a job as a yoga teacher is to step out of the box. Do not limit yourself to waiting for an opening at the one local studio in town. Be pro-active and start teaching, even it means that you work at a local park in the beginning. Teaching a few classes will help you to build confidence and contacts.

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