Yoga Instructor Training to Study Healing Methods

teaching yoga for healingBy Amruta Kulkarni, CYT 500

The goal of yoga is to give you a sense of ever-present calm and presence. This peacefulness naturally arises from the study, practice, philosophy, and lifestyle change introduced by yoga.

Yoga instructor teacher training takes you to the next level, showing you how to share information with others by providing instructions in studios, workshops, and holistic centers.

While yoga is a healing art in itself, many yoga instructor training programs and schools may include the study of complementary healing methods. The spirit of yoga and studying the art of wellness go very well together.


Different Yoga Styles

There are many schools of yoga, and while some schools may teach you a variety of asanas from different schools others may specialize in following the practices of a specific school.

Here are some of the different types of yoga that you might learn in a yoga instructor program:

1. Power Yoga is fast-paced. Students gracefully move from one pose to another in a sequential pattern. Usually, the practice will begin with a sun salutation. Along with the flow of movement from one asana into the next, the link to breath is emphasized. Over time, Power yoga builds remarkable flexibility, as well as strength and stamina.

2. Vinyasa Yoga like Power Yoga focuses on flow, movement, speed, and breath awareness. It is ideal for restless natured students (rajasic) who like Western aerobics.

3. Hatha Yoga is traditional yoga and consists of slow, gentle, conscious movements that rejuvenate internal organs while building flexibility, balance, and strength.

4. Anusara Yoga combines many of the traditional ideas with a creative, playful energy. The goal, as with all practices, is self-awareness, discovery of the divine within, and connecting with the joy of life.

5. Restorative Yoga is based on honoring the body and its propensities through holding postures longer. The emphasis is on breath during movement and a visceral sense of alignment. This yoga requires much mental focus and develops emotional calm and spiritual renewal.


Different Healing Methods

The healing methods that complement yoga training fall into three main classifications: bodywork, energy healing, and sound healing.


There are numerous forms of bodywork, including the following deep tissue massage, Swedish therapeutic massage, couples massage, hot stone massage, prenatal massage, reflexology, acupressure massage, craniosacral therapy, and Zen massage

Energy Healing

Again, like bodywork, there are numerous energy healing modalities, with Reiki one of the most popular choices.

Sound Healing

Sound has been found to increase energy, improve mental clarity, and relieve chronic stress. Sounds may be transmitted via Tibetan bowls, gongs, or other ancient instruments that create healing vibrations in the body.


It is advisable to choose the type of yoga instructor training that appeals to your natural inclinations rather than choosing one based on external values—like popularity or profitability. By staying true to what you like, you will find the school that offers you the type of yoga training and the type of healing methods that are a natural fit for your temperament. Some people, for example, have very active natures (rajasic) and benefit from the fast yoga and bodywork healing arts. Conversely, others have a contemplative nature (sattvic) and will benefit from hatha yoga and energy or sound healing arts.

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