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Yoga On The Go

how to become a great yoga instructorBy Gopi Rao 

Yoga needs few accessories. It implements your own weight instead of dumbbells. No machines are necessary. When you are travelling, it is easy to wrap up your mat with a yoga belt and throw it in the car or tie it to your carry-on bag. Your phone will always be there to provide the soothing music you may want to incorporate into your routine.

Nature: When the weather permits, yoga outside in nature provides extra benefits. You may choose a spot at the beach, or find a public park. In a park, you can use a tree or a bench for balance if needed. If you are staying at a hotel, look for a quiet spot on the grounds where you can breathe in the fresh air or if staying with friends, a front porch or back patio can be the perfect spot for your practice.


Hotel Rooms: If it is cold outside or rainy, and you are in a hotel room, you are still in luck with your yoga regimen. It is easy to find an empty space the size of a yoga mat, even in a small hotel room. Place your mat in front of a window if your room has a view. You can use the wall or chairs to modify poses if need be.

Find a Studio: Travelling offers the perfect opportunity to explore and check out a new studio and a different yoga teacher. A quick search or inquiry will help you to find a local studio.

Any Gym: If you do not find a studio close to you, but want to get out of the hotel room, most gyms allow you to purchase a day pass. Many offer yoga classes, but also have areas set aside for floor work or stretching.

Airport: If you are stuck at an airport for any reason, you will feel better if you can stretch your body. Look for an empty waiting area and lay down your mat. Most people dress comfortably when travelling, so you most likely will be appropriately dressed for this.


Yoga Apps: Technology has added an extra bonus for the yogi on the go. There are varieties of apps that you can download to your phone that will give you that extra guidance if you need it.

Yoga is the perfect choice of fitness for anyone at home or on the road. Just throw down your mat anywhere; breathe and begin.

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  1. Yoga is a gentle way to stretch and awaken our body, and want to learn more of, like how to release tension as it arises in life, controlling anger etc. Thanks for posting and your page was so AMAZING!!

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