Happiness and the Art of Yoga

happiness and the art of yogaBy Gopi Rao

How are happiness and the art of yoga connected? In the search for perpetual happiness, many men and women are turning to yoga classes a few times each week. In fact, certified yoga instructors will be able to help their students gently coax their bodies into various flexible positions. When the blood flows through the muscles in just the right way, peace and serenity can be restored to both the mind and the soul. Here are three yoga poses that will leave students ready to confront anything and everything that life can throw at them.

Child’s Pose

The child’s pose is specifically designed to relieve stress and remove worry from the inner reaches of the mind. With the buttocks planted firmly on the heels, students will be instructed to slowly bend forward until both the arms and head are planted on the floor. The position is normally held for several seconds and is meant to gently limber up the muscles within both the abdomen and the back.

Upward Dog

The upward dog brings together a range of techniques that will open the heart and soothe the spine. Most instructors have their students rest on their stomachs with their hands hanging loosely along their sides. In one fluid movement, individuals are then instructed to raise their bodies upward so that the front portion is propped up on the hands. With the chest facing prominently outward, students can then take a series of deep breaths to strengthen the core of the body.

Downward Dog

The downward dog, which requires a partial defiance of gravity, is a moderately difficult position that should be tried only after students are somewhat confident with their bodies. The downward dog, in fact, is an inverted position that uses the feet and the hands as opposing focal points. The core of the body remains high in the air. The position, which resembles a complex pushup, should be held for several seconds. The pose is meant to rejuvenate the body and increase the flow of blood to the head and neck region.

About Happiness and the Art of Yoga

Yoga is closely linked to both reduced stress and increased happiness. In fact, bodily tension is one of the primary causes of unhappiness in most people. By committing to a regular yoga regimen, fledgling students can both improve flexibility and reduce the psychological stress that is so common in people who work for a living. With a reputable instructor leading the way, students can expect to pursue wonderfully fulfilling lives going forward.

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