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About Yoga for a Healthy Mind

intensive yoga instructor training courseBy Sangeetha Saran

Yoga is known for its many physical benefits including increased flexibility, weight loss and even muscle toning. There is more to yoga, however, than the mere physical. In fact, yoga training can be effectively employed as a means of helping to create a much healthier mind. The ability to do so should be considered esoteric. Many of the simple movements and postures certainly can help calm anxiety and even reduce certain levels of depression.


First, the classic notion that there is a connection between the health of the body and of the mind is nothing is basically correct. A strong and fit body will frequently help contribute to a positive mind. Yoga can certainly help one’s mind this regard, since it is a very gentle form of exercise that aids in improving the body in immeasurably ways. This is not to say that yogic practices will make all the mental ills of the mind go away. However, it can certainly contribute to improvements.

Breathing can have a major effect on the mind. Among the most common signs of an anxiety and panic attack would be troubled, labored breathing. Among the best ways to get such troubled breathing under control would be to calm the mind. Yoga training can help enhance a placid mind through improving the way one breathes. Slow, deliberate breaths and normal breathing patterns may be attainable when taking part in regular yoga sessions. This, in turn, helps cut back on the problems of the mind improper breathing can cause.


There are also certain sensory feelings that yogic exercise has a tendency to bring out. These exercises have centuries of tradition in helping to stimulate positive feelings and an overall sense of joy in those that perform them. Through consistent practice of yogic techniques, such feelings can become part of your very being. That will certainly have a healthy effect on the mind.

Of course, you cannot overlook a very important fact about yoga sessions: they are a lot of fun. When you take part in activities that are fun and enjoyable, you will find your mind benefits greatly from those sessions. You look forward to them and there is a positive feeling of reward when you have completed them. In time, these enjoyable feelings can stay with you long after you leave the yoga school.

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  1. It is actually, I do yoga everyday, first the few hurts times because your stretching and strengthening your muscles, but then it feels great and helps so much with your body and stress buster.

  2. This is just what I’ve been looking for perfectly paced, nice easy and gentle breath for mind and body. Gentle breathing made me relax and peace of mind. Thanks to your blog!

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