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Yoga DVDs: Educational Value

teacher training yogaBy Rachel Holmes

Yoga DVDs are an alternative for students who are unable to come to classes as often as they would like. While the DVDs offer ease for students, it’s important to note that they aren’t as effective as in person instruction when it comes to perfecting form and offering modifications to poses in the routines.

While many people love to buy DVDs in order to “learn yoga” or improve their flexibility at home, true beginners should use caution when relying on the DVDs for their instruction. Many new students come to class looking for pain relief or to improve their range of motion for stiff bodies. While a certified yoga instructor can look at a student and immediately notice when a student is about to move into an asana in a way that can hurt the student, the instructor on a DVD has no way of knowing how their viewer is doing with their digital practice.

For students who have had several in person yoga classes under their belt, DVDs can provide a way to enrich an existing practice. Business travelers are often unable to find in person classes on the road, so it’s much easier to take along a quality DVD to practice in a hotel room.

DVDs offer a yoga student a way to try different types of classes. Students who live in small towns may not have qualified Ashtanga or Kundalini instructors who can teach them in person. A DVD offers an alternative to them. Students who feel shy about trying new forms of yoga training can do so in the privacy of their homes, and later find in person classes to deepen their practice. Other students may want to try another point of view, but feel as if they are “cheating” on their current teacher or studio if they take classes at another. A DVD helps to eliminate the feeling of guilt.

Students benefit the most by having a variety of yoga teachers who can offer different perspectives in their practices. Different teachers have different teaching styles, and students will find some more helpful than others. Quality DVDs offer more learning options for students as they strive to deepen their practice and gain experience from other teachers. A fresh point of view keeps a yoga practice dynamic and helps students grow, whether it’s in a physical studio or in the privacy of their own homes.

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