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The Best Part of Yoga

yoga teacher trainingBy Jenny Park

Those who practice yoga on a regular basis know that it is indeed a beautiful thing. The results it produces within the body and mind are nothing short of amazing and the postures allow the body to showcase a natural beauty. Perhaps what makes yoga the most appealing is its untainted philosophy of releasing stress, emphasizing the positive and living the best life possible. Yoga can truly be considered an art form, enjoyed by millions of people who have unlocked a powerful truth about living.

Beauty of the Asana


While you’re in the throes of camel pose or transitioning rapidly from upward dog to downward dog, you’re probably not thinking of the beauty of yoga. But, if you were to be a fly on the wall observing a sea of bodies flowing in tandem with one another, it might just take your breath away. Asanas create flexibility in the muscles and joints, allowing practitioners to flow from each pose in a way that is almost like a dance. Many postures test the limits of the body, pushing each individual a little bit further and allowing him or her to let the body do the work.

Spiritual Beauty

As you progress in your yoga practice, you most likely become better at focusing the mind and releasing stress and worry during your practice. Breathing exercises (pranayama) become more natural and easy, allowing you to go deeper within your self to be completely in the present moment. As you learn to release negativity and stress during a yoga training session, soon you are able to do it throughout the rest of the day or week. It becomes almost second nature to have a more positive attitude and a sense of gratitude for what you have.


Healthful Beauty

A healthy mind and body is a beautiful thing. Others notice when you walk into a room, not because you’re a stunning Barbie doll knock-off or a Brad Pitt clone, but because there’s something about you that shines. Maybe it’s your ready smile or your ability to see the goodness in even the bleakest of situations. Your body systems respond by working together flawlessly, fighting toxins as they appear. When you feel healthy and good, you’re going to continue to practice yoga to ensure you stay that way. You might even inspire another to give yoga a try. They won’t regret it.

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  1. Yoga was so AMAZING, I been doing this since i’m single and now I have two kids 4 and 6 yrs young, its been a long time, and now much helpful and more enjoyable doing yoga with my ladies at home. Sandy from NY 🙂

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