Teaching Yoga to Reduce Anxiety

yoga instructor trainingBy Faye Martins

If you watch Yoga students from the moment they come in to our classes to the moment they leave a tremendous transformation occurs. Most students have a facial expression of happiness as they leave their Yoga school. When one decides to become a Yoga instructor it is gratifying to see so many people reduce their stress levels.

In today’s impossibly fast paced world, more people than ever are suffering from anxiety. Anxiety can have a serious impact on our everyday lives. It can keep us from doing what we love and it can keep us from enjoying life. While there are numerous anti-anxiety medications available, they are really only a temporary fix for a much bigger problem. One of the best ways to deal with anxiety is an all natural practice that will help to encourage calmness – the simple practice of Yoga. It is a viable and useful alternative that can have a positive impact on your mind as well as your overall health.


Yoga has long since been known to reduce a number of aches and pains. Some of these issues include headaches, back pains, and even carpal tunnel syndrome. Many times, the stress and anxiety that we experience manifests itself in physical ways. Yoga training can help to decrease the pain we experience and help us to strengthen our muscles and even to help change the way our brain perceives certain triggers that bring on stress. Studies have even shown that Yoga exercises can help to lower blood pressure.

All too often, people believe they don’t have time for Yoga. However, there are certain poses that can be done anywhere, even at the office. Arm stretches, both seated and standing, can be very beneficial. Chair poses, such as twists, can feel great for the lower back. Another way to incorporate Yogic techniques while sitting at your desk is to do breathing exercises that encourage cleansing of the stress and negativity from the body. Many companies are beginning to see the benefits of offering Yoga classes to their employees because it boosts morale and productivity.


Exercises that engage the core, increase flexibility, and enhance balance are more than just ways to build muscle. They also take a certain level of concentration and thought. Many of the asanas are geared toward helping you let go of the stress of your life and create inner balance as well. Too many of us don’t set enough time aside for ourselves, but daily practice and meditation can certainly help to make us feel less rushed and more able to live in the moment instead of getting caught up in worry and anxiety.

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